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18 Jun, 2020 14:09

Trump brushes aside Bolton’s book as ‘pure fiction’ written by ‘sick puppy’

Trump brushes aside Bolton’s book as ‘pure fiction’ written by ‘sick puppy’

The upcoming book by former US national security adviser John Bolton is a “compilation of lies and made up stories,” President Donald Trump has said. He alleged that Bolton is slandering him in retaliation for being fired.

Bolton, a veteran warhawk with dubious record of workspace retaliation, is currently at the forefront of political storm over his upcoming tell-all book, ‘The Room Where It Happened.’

Trump, who is depicted in a most unflattering light in the memoir, judging by excerpts leaked to the US media, unloaded at the work of his former adviser on Twitter.

The book is “a compilation of lies and made up stories, all intended to make me look bad,” Trump wrote.

Many of the ridiculous statements he attributes to me were never made, pure fiction. Just trying to get even for firing him like the sick puppy he is!

The insider account of how the Trump administration operates, penned by Bolton, first came into the media spotlight amid the “Ukrainegate” impeachment proceedings. The former official indicated it might be the smoking gun needed to oust the president, but refused to reveal it unless subpoenaed by the Republican-controlled Senate. The impeachment ultimately failed to result in the president’s conviction.

Leaked sections of the book, reviewed by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, failed to provide the once eagerly sought Ukraine evidence. But they contained plenty of other claims of pervasive ineptitude and weakness on the part of Trump and members of his administration.

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Bolton resigned from his position as National Security Advisor in September 2019, though he and Trump disagreed on whether he was fired or voluntarily walked away. He had previously served under Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, and, later, George W Bush. He has a reputation in his professional capacity for being a bully. After they parted company, Trump half-joked that if Bolton had had it his way in the administration, the US would have been fighting World War Six.

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