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14 Jun, 2020 19:08

‘Media? I don’t give a sh*t!’: Reporter shoved as police chase protesters in Portland (VIDEO)

‘Media? I don’t give a sh*t!’: Reporter shoved as police chase protesters in Portland (VIDEO)

Police used smoke bombs, flash bangs and brute force to disperse George Floyd protesters in Portland who grew aggressive as night fell. One local reporter got shoved in the process despite shouting he was part of the media.

It was a heated night in Portland as riot police were deployed to prevent protesters from allegedly establishing an ‘autonomous zone’ – similar to CHAZ in Seattle.

After a peaceful rally earlier in the day, another group of around 1,000 people attempted to dismantle the security fence erected around the Multnomah County Justice Center.

The police said they charged at the protesters who tossed glass bottles and flares after numerous calls to disperse were ignored. Law enforcement used smoke bombs, flash bangs, batons and other crowd control munitions as they tried to move protesters on.

A video posted by Portland Tribune reporter Zane Sparling showed police running down the street apparently in pursuit of protesters. One officer proclaimed “I don’t give a sh*t!” after being told that the man in front of him was a media professional.

Police confirmed nine people were arrested during the protests in Oregon’s main city.

Dozens of journalists, both American and foreign, have been attacked by the police while covering the violent protests which engulfed many US cities after African American man George Floyd died during his arrest in Minneapolis in late May.

They were hit with rubber bullets, targeted with tear gas, pepper sprayed, physically assaulted or arrested despite having clear visible press credentials on them.

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