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‘Don't make me come down there,’ Cuomo warns New Yorkers in streets, but gets scolded for Covid-19 handling

‘Don't make me come down there,’ Cuomo warns New Yorkers in streets, but gets scolded for Covid-19 handling
Responding to a video of New Yorkers flooding the streets despite the Covid-19 lockdown, Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted a warning only to be chastised for his own handling of the pandemic, especially in nursing homes.

“Don’t make me come down there,” Cuomo tweeted along with a video of New York’s St. Mark’s being inundated with citizens, most clearly ignoring social distancing and protective mask requirements the city has put in place to battle the spread of coronavirus.

Cuomo’s warning landed with a bit of a thud on social media, mainly thanks to his controversial and now infamous decision to force nursing homes to accept positive Covid-19 patients early on during the pandemic, which many point to as a reason for the state’s high number of cases and deaths. 

“What are you going to do [?] force them into nursing homes?” Luke Rudkowski tweeted to the governor.

“Damn you gonna kill ‘em all like you clean out nursing homes?” added another user. 

“Funny... I don't remember you being such a tough guy to all the rioters and looters,” author Ryan James Girdusky tweeted.

Hundreds gathered in St. Mark’s in the East Village of New York on Friday night. The New York Post reported a minor police presence, though there were no incidents between officers and citizens and no attempts made to shut the gathering down. 

Despite his disapproval of the event, Cuomo has previously expressed support for the mass protests happening around the US over the death of George Floyd, many of which also ignore social distancing guidelines and include people not wearing protective masks.

The governor also blasted New Yorkers for not wearing masks — which are required in public in the state — and went after others for not wearing them properly.

The governor announced on Saturday that New York lost 32 people to Covid-19 on Friday, the lowest virus-related fatalities since the pandemic began. They also saw the lowest amount of hospitalizations since March 20.

The state still remains the worst hit by the coronavirus with over 30,000 deaths having been reported and over 380,000 confirmed cases. 

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