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Trump prepares executive order to ‘encourage’ police to obey ‘professional standards’ & use ‘force with compassion’

Trump prepares executive order to ‘encourage’ police to obey ‘professional standards’ & use ‘force with compassion’
US President Donald Trump said he would soon sign an executive order to urge police departments around the country to wield force more carefully and put more resources into officer training following weeks of heated protests.

The White House is working to finalize an order that will “encourage” police nationwide to “meet the most current professional standards of force,” Trump said at an event in Dallas on Thursday, adding “that means force, but force with compassion.”

While he did not elaborate on what the executive order would entail, the president said the administration would also seek greater funding for police training and “aggressively pursue” economic development in minority communities – all of which comes after weeks of mass demonstrations over police brutality and calls for major reform.

Sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in late May, the protests have given momentum to a push by some activists to defund police departments in cities around the US, some calling for outright abolition of the force. Trump, who has frequently rallied around “law and order,” slammed the proposal, insisting law enforcement should get more, not fewer, resources.

“I never even heard of this before last week. I heard they want to close up all police forces,” he said. “I’m thinking, what happens late at night when you make that call to 911 and there’s nobody there? What do you do?”

We’ll take care of our police. We’re not defunding police. If anything, we’re going the other route. We’re making sure our police are well-trained, perfectly trained, they have the best equipment.

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