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10 Jun, 2020 21:21

Twitter mob goes after ‘racist’ Cracker Barrel restaurant – are they next up on the cancel culture chopping block?

Twitter mob goes after ‘racist’ Cracker Barrel restaurant – are they next up on the cancel culture chopping block?

One question was all it took for Cracker Barrel to begin trending on Twitter, with users slamming the restaurant as racist and others worrying it may be the next target for cancel culture.

“Y’all ever walk in a place that just FEELS racist?” one user tweeted, before sharing a story of alleged discrimination at a “Southern-charm” store.

But the simple question appears to have sent the restaurant Cracker Barrel trending on Twitter on Wednesday, with many replying to the tweet by slamming the chain as racist.

“Open the door to a Cracker Barrel and you get a whiff of Jim Crow. And biscuits,” activist April Reign wrote.

Many tweeted similar sentiments, mainly targeting the restaurant for its older, Southern decor.

“I ate a Cracker Barrel once in my life, felt like a slave auction was about to happen,” one user tweeted

“Cracker Barrel gives me a vibe like they gonna come to my table and ask me to wash dishes for my freedom,”added another. 

Others tried to offer up more than just critiques on the restaurant’s ambience by either recounting their own alleged tales of racism inside Cracker Barrel or by bringing up a 2004 racial discrimination lawsuit the company settled for millions after being accused of discriminating against black customers at dozens of its locations.

Still, the predominant criticism of the restaurant appears to be its Southern decor.

With the decades-long-running ‘COPS’ tv show now canceled because of outraged Black Lives Matter activists, and plenty of other pieces of culture being targeted, some on Twitter pushed back against the Cracker Barrel criticism, worrying the restaurant may be next on the cancel culture chopping block.

“Cancel Culture has been given unprecedented power and now they are using it to attack biscuits and gravy at cracker barrel,” one user tweeted

“Apparently we are canceling Cracker Barrel now. As if anybody who is involved in cancel culture has ever set foot inside of a Cracker Barrel,” another added

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