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4 Jun, 2020 03:19

‘I love to hate-f*ck’: Sex worker offers to SLEEP with any officer who hangs up badge at Houston protest (VIDEO)

‘I love to hate-f*ck’: Sex worker offers to SLEEP with any officer who hangs up badge at Houston protest (VIDEO)

As thousands take to the streets in cities across the US to protest police brutality, one sex worker in Texas sought to sacrifice her night’s pay for the cause, offering to spend the night with any cop who quits in viral video.

At a demonstration in Houston on Tuesday, one of hundreds inspired by the police killing of an unarmed black man in Minneapolis last week, a sex worker going by the pseudonym Phoenix Divina propositioned a skirmish line of riot police, suggesting officers quit their jobs in exchange for her services.

“I’ll f**k any police officer that quits today. That offer is good until the end of the night,” the woman is heard saying in a video posted to her Twitter handle (NSFW), captioned “I heard cops love bribes...worth a try.”

Put down your f**king gun, put down your f**king badge, be a f**king human being. I’ve got business cards.

None of the officers bit on the proposal – at least on video – with one replying “I’m married, sorry” as the others looked on sheepishly. The woman was not amused by the response, hurling a string of accusations and asking which of the officers had abused sex workers while on the clock.

The internet has had a ball with the brief clip, many poking fun at the reaction of one wide-eyed officer in particular, who appeared to consider the offer before declining.

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