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Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany posts BLACK SQUARE on Instagram... instantly gets patted on the back as ‘best Trump’

Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany posts BLACK SQUARE on Instagram... instantly gets patted on the back as ‘best Trump’
Tiffany Trump joined the #BlackoutTuesday trend while her dad slammed “hoodlums” turning George Floyd protests violent, inspiring liberals to hail his youngest daughter as the “best Trump” — for posting a black square.

Along with her black square — a post many public figures included on their Instagram accounts in a somewhat vague attempt to show solidarity with protesters — Tiffany also quoted activist Helen Keller and used the hashtag #justiceforGeorgeFloyd.

While the post doesn’t directly mention her father, Donald Trump, hundreds of protests across the US have not been a good moment for the president, as he has consistently used his Twitter account to criticize the “hoodlums” turning demonstrations into looting and violence.

On the same day as the #BlackoutTuesday trend, he took to Twitter to celebrate his own accomplishments helping black Americans, claiming he has done more for the “black community” than any other president since Abraham Lincoln.

The seeming contrast between father and daughter when it comes to the current protests led Trump critics to praise Tiffany as the “best Trump” and interpret the post as some kind of act of defiance — all for posting a black square on social media, mind you.

“Best Trump I know,” one such comment proclaimed, while another one called her “the least awful of the adult Trumps.”

“You know things are not going well for you when not only the entire world hates your f**king guts but your own daughter does as well. Bravo @TiffanyATrump,”tweeted another.

The #BlackoutTuesday event has been joined by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry and Bryan Cranston, each of whom have so bravely posted similar black squares to their Instagram accounts.

Also on rt.com Instagram narcissists, please tell us how exactly Blackout Tuesday helps address structural inequalities of US society?

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