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28 May, 2020 07:56

Woman in wheelchair ‘with knife’ sprayed with fire extinguisher after confronting looters in Minneapolis Target (VIDEOS)

Woman in wheelchair ‘with knife’ sprayed with fire extinguisher after confronting looters in Minneapolis Target (VIDEOS)

A white woman in a wheelchair was involved a violent altercation with a group of mostly black people looting a Target shop in Minneapolis. It was one episode in a wider spree of riots amid outrage over police brutality.

One of the videos of the incident apparently shows the backdoor of the shop and looters attempting to carry out stolen goods past the woman, who tries to stop them. A person shouts: “She’s stabbing people, she’s got a knife!” after which the woman is sprayed with a fire extinguisher. It is difficult to tell from the video whether she was actually armed.

Another video shows a white woman wrestling something out of the unidentified shop defender’s hand. A black woman meanwhile comes from behind the wheelchair and punches the woman in the head several times as others shout at her to stop.

The altercation apparently continued. Another video shows the woman in the wheelchair being forcefully dragged away from a cart full of goods as she tries to latch onto it.

In the aftermath, the woman said she was “peacefully protesting” against the looters and was attacked by them for it.

“I got punched in my head several times. I got grabbed from behind,” she said. “They stole my keys, they stole everything they could off of me. I got maced in the face. I got covered with fire extinguisher stuff.”

The confrontation happened on Wednesday amid a day of rioting and looting in Minneapolis triggered by the choking death of a black man during an arrest by the police. George Floyd died on Monday after being pinned to the ground by an officer, who put his knee on Floyd’s neck and ignored his warnings that he couldn’t breathe.

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