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21 May, 2020 16:47

Biden accuses Trump of funding ‘corrupt recovery’ in new strangely subdued video

Biden accuses Trump of funding ‘corrupt recovery’ in new strangely subdued video

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden has released a weirdly serene video denouncing President Donald Trump as “destroyer of anything he touches,” his administration rife with cronyism and corruption. Pot, meet kettle…

It’s not just a matter of incompetence or laziness,” Biden said, calmly if slurring his words a bit, in a “virtual rally” video released on Thursday. “He wants a corrupt recovery.

He thinks he’s a builder, but he’s a destroyer of anything he ever touches. All he’s done is hollow out what really matters, then slap a gold sign on a flimsy foundation.

Biden slammed the president for allowing “connected” corporations privileged access to Covid-19 relief programs, highlighting Big Business’ plunder of the small business bailout fund in particular.

But his call for the audience to compare Trump’s first 35 months in office with former President Barack Obama’s last 35 months omitted a significant parallel between the two administrations. The 2008 bailout of Wall Street – at the time, an unprecedented transfer of wealth to banks that many felt should be punished for turning the market into a casino – took place under Obama's watch, though the bailout legislation itself was passed in the last months of George W. Bush's presidency.

Obama's decision to continue with the bailout program, to the point of allowing Citigroup executives to pick most of his cabinet, was the first major clue to the charismatic president's idealistic supporters that the hope-and-change hero was not everything he seemed.

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