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18 May, 2020 20:45

US Covid-19 deaths exceed 90,000 with 1.5 MILLION infected as states continue relaxing lockdown restrictions

US Covid-19 deaths exceed 90,000 with 1.5 MILLION infected as states continue relaxing lockdown restrictions

The Covid-19 death toll in the US has surpassed 90,000 people as of Monday, according to Johns Hopkins University. Still the epicenter of the pandemic, the country has more than 1.5 million confirmed cases of the virus.

Some 1,500,753 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in the US as of Monday, JHU’s coronavirus resource center reported. A total of 90,312 people have died with the virus - more than a quarter of the global casualty count, and more than twice as many as the next worst-hit country, the UK.

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Many states are slowly beginning to reverse their economic shutdowns after a grueling two-month lockdown that has seen over 36 million Americans file for unemployment and forced many more to burn through their savings trying to keep their businesses afloat.

While a handful of sparsely-populated states managed to avoid lockdown entirely, others - including New York and California - remain largely shuttered. New York, the epicenter of the US epidemic, has counted 28,339 deaths as of Monday, nearly three times as many as the 10,439 deaths reported in New Jersey.

Perhaps unsurprisingly after two months cooped up in their homes, Americans are beginning to chafe under the restrictions. Protests have erupted across the country demanding economic reopening, many with the support of President Donald Trump himself and even police.

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