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15 May, 2020 09:52

Three more months of lockdown? Joe Rogan mulls leaving ‘restrictive’ California for Texas

Three more months of lockdown? Joe Rogan mulls leaving ‘restrictive’ California for Texas

Commentator and comedian Joe Rogan has announced that he’s seriously considering moving to Texas, after officials in his hometown of Los Angeles, California, disclosed that the city's stay-at-home order could remain for months.

The popular entertainer and member of the UFC commentary team said on his podcast that he was thinking about leaving the state if measures, purportedly implemented to combat the spread of Covid-19, are extended into the summer.

“If California continues to be this restrictive, I don't know if this is a good place to live,” Rogan lamented. Noting that Los Angeles has become “extremely expensive” and that the taxes are "ridiculous," the entertainer expressed frustration over comedy clubs being shuttered as they are deemed "non-essential."

I might jet. I’m not kidding. This is silly. I don't need to be here.

Rogan disclosed that he'd likely adopt Texas as his new home if he does choose to leave California. He elaborated, explaining that he enjoys Austin and Dallas "a lot," but he finds Houston to be too humid.

Texas has eased its lockdown over the past two weeks, allowing retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and malls to operate, albeit not at full capacites. Although many coronavirus regulations remain in place, the southern state has become far more relaxed than California. Los Angeles County recently announced that its "stay-at-home" orders will "with all certainty" remain for the next three months, with restrictions being "gradually relaxed."

Rogan isn't the first famous Californian to consider emigrating to the Lone Star State. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reportedly discussed moving his car plant to Texas with the state's governor, Greg Abbott. Musk openly defied California officials who ordered him not to reboot Tesla's operations, daring them to arrest him. He remains a free man – for now.

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