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Welcome to the bungle: US treasury sec posts spectacular fail during Twitter row with G’n’R frontman Axl Rose

Welcome to the bungle: US treasury sec posts spectacular fail during Twitter row with G’n’R frontman Axl Rose
If anyone needed more evidence that things have gone a bit mad with the world under lockdown, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose and US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have thrown down in a Twitter spat.

In an online row absolutely no one saw coming, nor wanted to see coming to be fair, rocker Rose criticized secretary Mnuchin, declaring him “officially an asshole.”

“What have you done for your country?” Mnuchin replied with as much pith and vinegar as he could muster. Alas, his wry retort was undone by one critical detail... he included an emoji of the Liberian flag instead of the US flag. 

Quick off the draw, Mnuchin deleted the tweet, but not quick enough it seems, as the gaffe was captured by eagle-eyed Twitter users and subsequently shredded by the clearly bored and housebound Twitteratti. 

“It’s a good question. What HAS Axl Rose done for Liberia lately?”quipped one user. “Only one of them has brought us Chinese democracy though,”added another, “winning Twitter” for the day.

The exchange even prompted an important, though likely short-lived, update to Mnuchin’s Wikipedia entry.

Rose is a devout never-Trumper, who recently took issue with Guns N’ Roses’ cover of ‘Live and Let Die’ providing the soundtrack to the US president’s visit to a Honeywell 3M, maker of the in-demand N95 masks, manufacturing plant in Arizona on Tuesday.

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