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2 May, 2020 18:46

Twitter locks out Candace Owens for call to ‘stand up’ to Michigan governor over Covid lockdown – Trump supporters scream BIAS

Twitter locks out Candace Owens for call to ‘stand up’ to Michigan governor over Covid lockdown – Trump supporters scream BIAS

Outspoken Trump supporter Candace Owens was locked out of her Twitter after she slammed the governor of Michigan as a “dictator,” calling to defy her Covid-19 lockdown orders. Now Don Jr. is leading a chorus of many, crying bias.

“Candace tweeted that people in Michigan should go back to work. What rule did she break? Not even Twitter can say,” tweeted Turning Point USA chief creative officer Benny Johnson on Saturday, along with a screenshot of the Owens tweet and an apparent message from Twitter saying it violates the platform’s “rules,” but not naming any specific ones.

The tweet from Owens slams Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmore – who has come under heavy criticism over extending lockdown orders in her state through executive orders — as a “duly elected dictator” and in it she also encourages people to “stand up” by ignoring state mandates, going back to work and reopening businesses.

While Owens’ account, with over 2.2 million followers, remained up on Twitter, her last tweet to date is “no longer available” and she says that she cannot post any more. The apparent restrictions set off a firestorm with conservatives, who demanded she be allowed to return to the social media platform and claimed Twitter was biased for targeting a tweet critical of a Democrat governor and coming from a staunchly conservative pundit, while not being able to identify what specific rule Owens had violated.

“Heard from my friend @RealCandaceO that she got banned from @Twitter for simply telling the people of #Michigan they should go to work,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the matter. “If the Social Media Masters ban you for that w/o an explanation, imagine what they’ll do to try to influence the election given their politics!”

Author and podcaster Dave Rubin questioned whether Twitter was “acting on behalf of the government.”

“Are private citizens not allowed to share their thoughts here? And if so, is Twitter acting on behalf of the government?” he tweeted.

Other Trump supporters used the hashtag “#FreeCandace” to show their support for the commenter, who hosts a weekly interview series for Prager University.

Owens stood by her tweet and doubled down on her accusation that Governor Whitmer is “acting like a dictator,” in a statement to The Gateway Pundit. 

“I will not kowtow to a socialist world order that seeks to limit my constitutional freedom of speech,” she said.

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Michigan lockdown orders caused mass protests this week over the fact that Whitmer extended them through May 28, despite the state’s legislature refusing to extend them beyond Thursday, the original deadline. 

Her orders include the forced closure of bars, casinos, and other public places. Restaurants cannot serve dine-in customers. The orders go further than most other states’, banning any public or private gathering, regardless of size, and prohibiting people from visiting family or friends unless it is for the purpose of providing care.

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