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10 Apr, 2020 20:01

When you can’t meme: Lib group turned into laughing stock for spending six-figures on anti-Trump digital campaign (PHOTOS)

When you can’t meme: Lib group turned into laughing stock for spending six-figures on anti-Trump digital campaign (PHOTOS)

A Soros-funded Super PAC has launched a new six-figure meme campaign targeting President Donald Trump, but the first rollout is not impressing people and inspiring more sarcasm than support.

American Bridge 21st Century has launched a six-figure digital campaign primarily targeting voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, all key swing states in the US.

One of the memes that is part of this campaign earned plenty of mockery when the group posted it on Friday. 

The meme is based on the popular ‘jealous girlfriend’ image that is widely used and shows the president being distracted from his responsibilities as president by “golfing” and “ignoring the [Covid-19] pandemic.”

“Lol. The left can’t meme,” Turning Point USA chief creative officer Benny Johnson wrote in reaction.

“They’re worse at memes than they are at not assaulting people,” National Republican Senate Majority senior adviser Matt Whitlock tweeted, reiterating a popular accusation from conservatives that the left often fails at humorous memes and gifs, parts of social media that have been central to the president’s supporters online when arguing with critics.

“This just makes me feel bad for them,” tweeted Daily Wire writer Emily Zanotti.

American Bridge seems to have faith in their expensive meme as they defended it on Friday.

“These memes might make people chuckle, but Donald Trump’s handling of this crisis is deadly serious,” the group wrote.

The digital campaign, which cost approximately $100,000, also includes short ads that similarly criticize the president’s response to the coronavirus, as well as another meme targeting Trump’s golf hobby, which has received similar eye-rolls.

American Bridge 21st Century has as its slogan “Holding Republicans accountable” and engages in large-scale opposition research. Back in 2016, it discovered that a Trump Institute booklet was partially plagiarized. Billionaire
George Soros was among its biggest donors most of the time.

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