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8 Apr, 2020 18:00

2016 will rise again! Hillary supporters do victory lap as Sanders drops out of 2020 race

2016 will rise again! Hillary supporters do victory lap as Sanders drops out of 2020 race

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s supporters are high-fiving over the demise of her erstwhile rival Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign, rehashing perceived slights from four years ago and dragging the candidate’s “Bros.”

After Sanders announced he was concluding his presidential campaign on Wednesday, Democratic establishment stalwarts still bitter about their favored candidate’s loss in 2016 took to Twitter to celebrate, eager to find some shortcomings in the Vermont senator’s concession — which they’d been demanding for weeks.

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Several complained that Sanders had endorsed Biden more quickly than he had sworn fealty to Clinton in 2016 — even though Sanders had been trailing the former New York senator by a smaller margin at the time he endorsed her.

Some went for a full rewriting of history, implying Sanders hadn’t endorsed Clinton at all — and insisting that if he had, she would have blown right through her sky-high unfavorable ratings and clobbered President Donald Trump in the general election.

Of course, Sanders did endorse Clinton in July 2016, making a deal before the convention to silence his own delegates who’d planned to mount a challenge against what they saw as an unjust coronation of the former First Lady by a party that was clearly in her pocket.

A few even complained he wasn’t enthusiastic enough about Biden. Surely he could muster up some #JoeMentum?

Along with Vladimir Putin, Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, former FBI director James Comey, and a cast of thousands, Clinton and her supporters blamed Sanders for her loss to Trump in 2016. Actress Susan Sarandon, a vocal Sanders supporter, was also deemed responsible for Clinton’s failure to defeat reality-show star Trump, in the eyes of the ‘I’m With Her’ crowd — so much so that they gave her an honorary Twitter beating on Wednesday.

And several unleashed their hate for “Bernie Bros,” because there were still months left in the election campaign to cover up their hatred with calls for unity.

While Biden will presumably be facing off against Trump in November, speculation about his health has fueled rumors that Clinton might be called upon to run a third time as the Democratic candidate, should neither Sanders nor Biden secure enough delegates to win the nomination outright at August’s convention. However, a brokered convention is extremely unlikely with just one candidate going into the party conclave.

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