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30 Mar, 2020 23:29

Congresswoman with ‘presumed coronavirus infection’ was on House floor & next to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (PHOTO)

Congresswoman with ‘presumed coronavirus infection’ was on House floor & next to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (PHOTO)

Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-New York) announced she may have a presumed case of Covid-19, which could put many other members of Congress at risk, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Velázquez said in a statement on Monday that she reached out to the House attending physician on Sunday after feeling “the abrupt onset of muscle aches, fevers, nasal congestion and stomach upset,” all symptoms other positive coronavirus victims have reported. She had also lost her sense of smell and taste.

After hearing the congresswoman’s symptoms, the physician diagnosed her with a “presumed coronavirus infection.” She is now self-isolating at home and taking Tylenol, but she claims her symptoms are “mild.” She was told a coronavirus test and a doctor visit were not necessary at this point. 

Velázquez’s case is complicated by the fact that she was on the House floor on Friday to vote on the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill. This vote puts her in close contact with other colleagues, including Speaker Pelosi. Velázquez even took part in a ceremony with party leaders, where Pelosi was in attendance, to sign the bill before sending it off. Velázquez can be seen in close proximity to Pelosi at the ceremony in a photo taken there.

House officials have been following new guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus amongst themselves. This includes sitting one seat apart, as well as microphones and surfaces being wiped down after each use. 

Four members of House have tested positive for the coronavirus so far: Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Florida), Ben McAdams (D-Utah), Joe Cunningham (D-South Carolina) and Mike Kelly (R-Pennsylvania).

Congress and the Senate are currently in recess until April 20, though lawmakers could be called back to vote on a new coronavirus relief bill. Though remote voting has been floated as a possibility, Pelosi has said multiple times that House members are “not prepared” for it.

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“Let’s not waste time on something that is not going to happen,” Pelosi told reporters when asked about remote voting during a Monday conference call.

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