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30 Mar, 2020 15:48

Trump threatens to ‘take over’ San Francisco from ‘sick puppy’ Pelosi in fiery reply to her Covid-19 response bashing

Trump threatens to ‘take over’ San Francisco from ‘sick puppy’ Pelosi in fiery reply to her Covid-19 response bashing

President Donald Trump slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on ‘Fox and Friends,’ suggesting the federal government could take over her “slum” district San Francisco, as the two locked horns on the coronavirus pandemic response.

“Look, she’s a sick puppy in my opinion,” the president said when asked about Pelosi criticizing his response to the coronavirus outbreak. “She really is. She’s got a lot of problems.”

Trump continued his fuming against Pelosi later when he slammed her for “playing the impeachment game” and being controlled by “the radical left,” including freshman New York Congresswoman and Green New Deal author Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Pelosi has consistently criticized Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, including saying over the weekend that the administration’s delay in getting equipment like ventilators and medical masks to states that need them is “deadly.” The House Speaker also claims the president did not take the virus seriously early enough, and his delayed response “cost American lives.”

Trump said the California congresswoman’s comments make her a “disgrace to her country, her family.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and others also piled on the president for a delay in equipment being sent to states most affected by the coronavirus, something Trump has chalked up to a lack of pandemic preparedness supplies being low when he came into office. 

The most telling criticism from the president came when he doubled back to Pelosi and suggested the federal government may “take over” her “slum” district of San Francisco, an economically-struggling area plagued by reports of an out-of-control homeless problem in recent years, as well as streets littered with drug needles and human feces.

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“The federal government, we may get involved and take over that area and clean it up,” Trump said. “It’s such a mess, it’s so bad, and yet she will sit there and complain.”

Trump has said that coronavirus cases within the US will likely hit their “highest point” around Easter, a date he had previously floated as a possibility for moving away from quarantine orders for citizens.

As of Monday, the total cases in the US are over 143,000. Total deaths from the coronavirus stand at over 2,500.

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