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WATCH: Newlyweds showcase how to celebrate while maintaining social distance with neighborhood parade

WATCH: Newlyweds showcase how to celebrate while maintaining social distance with neighborhood parade
With coronavirus induced self-isolation comes widespread cancellations of social gatherings and family events but one ingenious wedding party in Crown Heights Brooklyn managed to keep the ‘social’ in social distancing.

The wedding party for the union between JJ Deitsch and Fraida Jacobson wanted to celebrate their friends’ marriage while also adhering to CDC guidelines, which forbid gatherings of over 10 people. Instead of a traditional celebration, they decided to take it to the streets with great success, as eyewitness video shows.

The wedding party asked the neighborhood to celebrate by singing and dancing with them, all from the safety and comfort of their own homes, as the bride and groom led a cavalcade around the block. 

“We invite the entire Crown Heights community to come out on their porches, or stand by their windows and join the simcha [party],” the organizers wrote, in messages shared on social media. 

Elsewhere, predominantly Jewish areas in New York have experienced coronavirus infection clusters, forcing local religious leaders to shutter synagogues. Again, however, the community came up with a novel solution to overcome the restrictions imposed to combat the novel coronavirus. 

However, some devout Hasidic Jews defied local ordinances and the instructions of religious leaders and attempted to conduct a prayer meeting outside a closed temple. Police were forced to break up the meeting and several arrests were reported.

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