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Daily Beast’s Russian TV watcher says RT spreads ‘conspiracy theories’ about Biden, fails to mention any

Daily Beast’s Russian TV watcher says RT spreads ‘conspiracy theories’ about Biden, fails to mention any
The Atlantic Council’s Julia Davis has accused RT of promoting conspiracy theories about Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden. If only she could mention at least one…

Davis, a “Russian media monitor” for the Atlantic Council, has been giving Daily Beast readers weekly updates about what Russians think about the American election. (In short, Russians like Trump, and like Bernie because Bernie can’t beat Trump, and hate Biden because Trump can’t possibly beat Biden.)

Her pieces are mostly about what Russian TV tells Russians, but the latest installment had a few words reserved for RT, which, “actively promotes conspiracy theories targeting Biden,” in Davis’ opinion. But apparently there was a shortage of print space on the website, because none were actually mentioned.

That is, unless you believe that saying some Democrat voters may take issue with Biden’s mental capacities qualifies as conspiratorial thinking.

Also on rt.com Maine called for Biden after close battle with Sanders

If that’s the case, somebody needs to check her definitions, because some people in the Democratic Party camp have already expressed reservations about Biden.

Julian Castro attacked the former vice president during a debate over apparent memory loss… or ‘inconsistency on policy’, as he framed it after a media outcry, but it certainly didn’t look that way during a heated exchange.

Cory Booker also wondered last year whether Biden “can get the ball over the line” – which, of course, didn’t stop the New Jersey senator from endorsing him on Monday.

Earlier, there was MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who voiced her own concerns, saying Biden didn’t look as sharp as he used to after a lackluster debate performance.

And it’s not like RT is the sole international voice on the issue. Take Sky News Australia, which openly mocked the “confused” Biden over his many gaffes, and called out the Democratic Party’s “propaganda arms” in the media for turning a blind eye to Biden’s “crazy rants.”

Sorry if these facts spoil a good conspiracy theory!

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