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Few are as elated at Biden's ‘historic comeback’ as Putin's self-proclaimed arch-enemy McFaul

Few are as elated at Biden's ‘historic comeback’ as Putin's self-proclaimed arch-enemy McFaul
Joe Biden is pretty much Rocky Balboa delivering a blow after blow to Ivan Drago — at least in the eyes of his devoted fans. Just ask Michael McFaul, who served as ambassador to Moscow back when Biden was the VP.

McFaul, now a prolific twitterer and media pundit, asked his followers whether they remembered "a comeback in the history of American electoral politics as big as Biden in the last four days." While many comments were along the (expected?) lines of adoration for the gaffe-prone politician, some actually answered to the question.

There was the original "comeback kid" Bill Clinton in 1992, Truman's surprise victory over Dewey in 1948, or John McCain surge in New Hampshire in 2000, to name a more recent example. McFaul conceded his enthusiasm over Biden's Super Tuesday success may have been a bit overstated.

Biden, of course, is far from being an underdog in what has now turned into a de facto two-person primary. He has the entire might of the Democratic establishment behind his back, with other moderate candidates timely dropping out to endorse him and a friendly mainstream media keeping mum about his moments of weakness, dubious policy record, or remarkably fickle recollections about his own past.

The celebratory moods of McFaul are hardly a surprise. The former diplomat made little secret about his preferences in the race.

Biden's third time to run for the presidency may be a charm, and then President Biden will need loyal people in the administration. Could the embassy in Moscow welcome McFaul back then? Or would he refuse this hypothetical reappointment simply because the Russian law enforcement named him a person of interest in probe of financial crimes of another self-styled anti-Russian crusader, Bill Browder?

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Then again, Biden won't get kid gloves treatment during debates with Trump the way he did during the Democratic primaries. Is he prepared to hold below-the-belt punches from the incumbent president?

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