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28 Feb, 2020 21:04

‘The Shillary Show?’ Hillary Clinton is launching a podcast and Twitter isn’t on board

‘The Shillary Show?’ Hillary Clinton is launching a podcast and Twitter isn’t on board

News that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is planning to launch her very own podcast has been met with a collective eye roll and plenty of sarcasm on social media.

Clinton is planning to launch the podcast in late spring, “just in time for her to have a powerful new megaphone during the 2020 election,” Politico reported on Thursday.

The show will be co-produced by iHeartMedia, which distributes a bevy of right-wing radio shows as well as the left-wing Joe Rogan Experience, which has endorsed Clinton’s 2016 archrival Bernie Sanders for president.

Clinton was reportedly inspired to start a podcast after she sat down to record an episode for Conan O’Brien’s audio show, enjoying the hour-long format which allowed for deeper conversation than the short segments that are the norm on TV and radio.

A source close to Clinton told Politico that she wants to hold a “wider ranging conversation” that could be listened-to at any time – but she will also do some “ranting and raving” about the news of the day, they said.

While some online were certainly amenable to the idea of tuning in to hear Clinton’s rantings and ravings, most reaction was of the less-than-impressed variety.

“I’d like to file a complaint with the manager of podcasts,” one Twitter user joked

“Do they allow people to make podcasts in jail?” another quipped.

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Another tweeter suggested that with her podcast, Clinton could “single-handedly give Bernie the presidency through sheer unlikability.” One user also worried that the show would have “very limited appeal.”

Some suggested that she could dedicate each episode to one reason why it “wasn’t her fault she lost an election to a game show host,” referring to President Donald Trump.

The Twitterati have also been more than willing to suggest titles for Clinton's yet-to-be-named podcast. 

Some were rather benign, like ‘Hangin’ with Hillary’ – but there were plenty of more creative ideas, too; ‘Russian Asset Roundtable,’ ‘Cover up with Hillary Clinton’ and ‘The Shillary Show.’

Politico said Clinton has already started recording interviews and will continue to do so until there’s enough material for a “splashy launch.”

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