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27 Feb, 2020 17:53

Twitter & Bloomberg campaign accused of censoring tweets with Epstein docs, fueling claims billionaire linked to dead pedophile

Twitter & Bloomberg campaign accused of censoring tweets with Epstein docs, fueling claims billionaire linked to dead pedophile

Apparent efforts to quash discussion of the documented relationship between billionaire Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg and billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein have only added more fuel to the fire on social media.

The link in itself is nothing new, as photos of Bloomberg with Epstein's alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell have been circulating for months. There have also been calls for Democratic primary debate moderators to ask the former New York mayor about his relationship with the deceased pedophile. But several Twitter users are now claiming their accounts were locked when they posted screenshots of Epstein's "little black book" showing a listing for "Bloomberg Mike" just beneath neocon UK ex-PM Tony Blair.

"I apologize for doxxing Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile friends," one of the affected users sarcastically tweeted after he was allowed back onto the platform. Word got around that "Bloomberg or his campaign is apparently now reporting people for bringing up the black book," and the Streisand Effect kicked in. Thousands of posters using the hashtag #BlackBookBloomberg — under the 'Storm Area 51'-like logic of "can't block us all" — did their best to make Bloomberg's campaign (or whoever was behind the blocks) regret trying to squash speculation. 

Bloomberg's defenders insisted there was nothing out of the ordinary about the Lolita Express owner, who had a mansion in New York, having the mayor's contact information filed away. A few even pointed out that "they moved in the same circles" — maybe not the defense Bloomberg would have liked, but one for which there's certainly photographic evidence.

Others went on the offensive and blamed the hashtag on Russia — because there's no way American voters would be concerned about their possible president hanging out with a convicted sex offender, who was under investigation for further sex trafficking charges when he died mysteriously in jail.

Meanwhile, a few pointed out the hypocrisy of supporters of Trump criticizing Bloomberg, or supporters of Bloomberg criticizing Trump, given that both had a relationship with Epstein.

While MSM has gone after Bloomberg about his abysmal history with women and minority communities, no stories have appeared in major publications exploring his relationship - or lack thereof - with the notorious pedophile. Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein called out the media on Thursday for not "asking this obvious question."

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