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25 Feb, 2020 07:29

Biden slips up about running for SENATE, instead of president in latest gaffe

Biden slips up about running for SENATE, instead of president in latest gaffe

Talking silver while aiming for gold isn't the best idea during the closely watched Democratic race, but former vice president Joe Biden did just that, downgrading his political ambitions from president to... senator.

Known for a series of gaffes, some of which have been branded disturbingly weird, Biden produced a new one while trying to win public sympathy in South Carolina. While the opening part of his outburst sounded like conventional self-promotion at first, the rest raised more than a few eyebrows.

"I'm Joe Biden, I'm a Democrat candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over, if you like what you see, help out, if not, vote for the other Biden," he exclaimed.

People on social media seemed baffled by Biden's slip, but no commentator tried to make fun of it – a telling reflection on his entire campaign. Most netizens turned out to be deeply concerned about his mental state, while refraining from what some called "elder abuse."

"This is beyond embarrassing at this point. His friends and family are doing him a huge disservice by allowing him to continually make a fool of himself on the campaign trail," one user noted.

Biden is fairly well-positioned against other Democratic rivals like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, but his countless blunders continue to overshadow his presidential bid.

Last year, the former VP notoriously forgot Barack Obama's name, calling him "President… my boss" instead. Shortly before that, he went to great lengths telling the media how happy he was to be in Vermont, while in fact he was in in New Hampshire.

On a couple of occasions since May 2019, Biden called ex-British prime minister Theresa May "Margaret Thatcher" – who was also a Tory premier but her time in office ended decades ago.

Aside from the verbal gaffes, videos of Biden awkwardly sniffing, touching and creeping out women and children at Washington events have been doing the rounds for years, not to mention several women who publicly accused him of inappropriate behavior.

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