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12 Feb, 2020 18:46

‘Too polite’? Bette Midler says Dems must ‘toughen up’ in wake of car attack on GOP volunteers

‘Too polite’? Bette Midler says Dems must ‘toughen up’ in wake of car attack on GOP volunteers

One of President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics, actress and musician Bette Midler, thinks Democrats need to “toughen up” in their fight against the GOP, even after a Florida man was jailed for physically attacking Republicans.

During one of her anti-Trump tirades on Tuesday night — calling him a “fascist” and “dictator” this time — Midler lashed out at her own party as well.

“Democrats haven’t learned a goddamned thing,” she tweeted, shaming the party for being “too polite” and urging them to “toughen up” when taking on conservatives. “They play dirty,” she said of Republicans, before adding, “men like to kill each other. Get in the ring!”

Midler’s calls for violence, whether real or metaphorical, come in the wake of an attempted murder of Republican volunteers in Florida, and against the backdrop of ongoing violence by ‘Antifa.’

A 27-year-old man was arrested over the weekend after driving his car into a tent full of GOP volunteers in Jacksonville, Florida. The attacker, identified as Gregory Timm, admitted to police his actions were politically motivated and he drove his car into the crowd of conservatives because “someone had to take a stand.” Timm even compared Trump’s presidency to “someone s**tting on your grave.”

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It’s not the only example of recent violence against conservatives. From Daily Caller journalists asking questions about abortion on college campuses, only to face aggressive vandalism, to conservative comedian Steven Crowder being rushed multiple times and harassed at the 2020 Women’s March, it’s hard to argue that there is not a trend.

It appears the aggressors in those situations didn’t listen to Hillary Clinton when she warned in 2018 before the midterm elections that “civility can start again” after Democrats take control of the House. They likely did, however, listen to Clinton in the same interview proclaim, “you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.”

Let’s not forget the June 2017 attack on Republicans practicing for the congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia, when left-wing activist James Hodginkson opened fire and injured several people, including Rep. Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana). 

Violence from the far-left extremist group ‘Antifa’ is an ongoing trend as well. In December, Antifa activist Brad Matthew Whisler, 40, was arrested in Chehalis, Washington, following an attack on independent journalist Brandon Brown. Video showed Brown being harassed and assaulted by masked Antifa members. Other Antifa rallies have also turned violent

Midler, however, thinks now is the time for “too polite” Democrats to “toughen up.”

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