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5 Feb, 2020 00:45

‘Pete Buttigieg is the Juan Guaido of America’: Lee Camp calls out conspiracy of ‘intentional chaos’ by Dem establishment

‘Pete Buttigieg is the Juan Guaido of America’: Lee Camp calls out conspiracy of ‘intentional chaos’ by Dem establishment

Democratic Party insiders bankrolled the defective vote-counting app that has delayed the reporting of Iowa caucus totals so as to deny likely winner Bernie Sanders a ‘bump’ and let Pete Buttigieg claim victory, Lee Camp told RT.

The party’s establishment wing and its mainstream media stenographers are colluding to memory-hole the disastrous Iowa caucus vote and prop up their preferred candidates, muscling Sanders out of the way to position Buttigieg as the front-runner, Camp said on his Moment of Clarity podcast on Tuesday.

Describing the exhaustive establishment links to the faulty vote-reporting app Shadow - “at least lie to us a little better! Name it Fluffy Puppy Dogs!” - Camp accused the DNC, the “mainstream moderate candidates,” and holdovers from failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton’s deep-pocketed political machine of conspiring to “undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign in a million different ways.”

Neutering the Iowa and Nevada caucuses, which typically favor progressive candidates, by shackling them to the establishment-funded defective product was just one tactic.

Camp likened Buttigieg’s premature declaration of victory to that of self-declared Venezuelan interim president Juan Guaido, complete with incredulous reaction by American voters: “Did you just declare victory in a race with no results, even though you were losing?”

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While partial results released by the party on Tuesday evening with 62 percent of precincts reporting showed Buttigieg in a slight lead over Sanders, it was still too close to call.

Just as it did for the US plot to install Guaido, media is running cover for the collapse-the-caucus scam, Camp observed, pointing to a shocking lack of curiosity from mainstream outlets regarding the actual outcome of the vote in Iowa. No exit polls, no attempts to even try to talk to anyone involved in the process, just “move on, that was yesterday, who even remembers Iowa!” Quoting an actual NBC story, he read, “It’s like Iowa never happened.”

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