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20 Dec, 2019 16:51

Trump raises ‘smocking’ age to 21 & slams nonexistent ‘ET’ mag, creating thousands of proofreaders in one stroke

Trump raises ‘smocking’ age to 21 & slams nonexistent ‘ET’ mag, creating thousands of proofreaders in one stroke

US President Donald Trump has excoriated Christianity Today magazine for demanding his dismissal, referring to it as “ET” in his rage. Then he bragged about raising the “smocking” age, further triggering his new editors.

Trump warned his supporters that the magazine Christianity Today, which published an editorial calling for him to leave office on religious grounds earlier this week, had degenerated into a “far left magazine” in a tweet on Friday. The periodical “would rather have a Radical Left nonbeliever, who wants to take your religion & your guns, than Donald Trump as your President,” he fumed.

Complaining that he’d “done more for the Evangelical community” than any other president, Trump vowed that he “won’t be reading ET again!” Except the initials of the magazine, founded by televangelist Billy Graham, father of Trump-supporting evangelist Franklin Graham, are ‘CT.’

Also on rt.com #Resistance has ‘come to Christ’ moment after influential evangelical magazine pens scathing article supporting impeachment

Twitter pounced, offering up various “ETs” for consideration. Did the president think the magazine was called “Evangelism Today”? Or did he suffer a Freudian slip while contemplating Space Force, whose creation is included in the 2020 military spending budget?

Some even questioned Trump’s Christian bona fides.

Trump later tweeted out a list of the “BIG” things accomplished by the $738 billion defense bill he planned to sign later that day, finishing with “raises smocking age to 21!” 

Twitter, already primed by the ET/CT Freudian slip, went wild, and Trump went to the unusual length of deleting his tweet, though not before seemingly half the platform’s users had screen-shotted it. 

Connoisseurs of Trump typos showed off…

…while others suspected there was a motive behind all this misspelling,

…or at least a cause.

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