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2 civilians die as police & robbers exchange gunfire on BUSY INTERSECTION after high-speed chase in Florida (VIDEOS)

2 civilians die as police & robbers exchange gunfire on BUSY INTERSECTION after high-speed chase in Florida (VIDEOS)
A robbery of a jewelry store in South Florida sparked a hot pursuit after the thieves hijacked a UPS delivery truck with a driver inside. The chase, aired live on TV, ended in a shootout that claimed two innocent lives.

The incident began unfolding at about 4 p.m. after police in Coral Gables responded to a silent alarm apparently set off by an employee of a jewelry store.


Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak said that the robbers were first confronted by the owner of the store, who apparently returned fire. A stray bullet pierced the wall of the local city hall, located just across the street from Regent Jewelers.

While it took a mere 90 seconds for officers to arrive at the scene, the thugs did not waste any time either, hijacking a UPS delivery truck and taking its driver hostage. An ensuing car chase spanning two counties saw the UPS truck running red lights and wreaking havoc at busy intersections before it ultimately came to a rush-hour showdown in the city of Miramar, about 20 miles north of Miami.

The dramatic car chase, including the moment police officers, taking cover behind nearby cars, opened fire on the suspects were broadcast live on local TV, with the thieves shooting back from the stolen truck with the hostage still inside.

While no law enforcement officers were injured in the raid, the two armed robbery suspects and two civilians, including a UPS truck driver, were killed in the shootout, police confirmed.

The tactics the police used to deal with the incident have courted widespread controversy online, with some netizens calling out the officers for prioritizing the immediate capture of the criminals over the lives and safety of innocent people.

Two other people were injured as a result of a motor crash, reportedly caused by the UPS truck’s erratic driving, but both refused to go to the hospital for treatment. 

Meanwhile, the UPS expressed gratitude to law enforcement, vowing to cooperate with an investigation into the robbery-gone-wrong.

“We appreciate law enforcement’s service and will cooperate with them to bring the individuals to justice who put our people in harm’s way,” the company said.

The FBI land office in Miami has taken the lead in the investigation.

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