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Bear-faced cheek: Police VIDEO shows hungry bear breaking into car for food

Bear-faced cheek: Police VIDEO shows hungry bear breaking into car for food
Law enforcement officers in California discovered a shocking surprise in an unlocked car: A hungry bear scavenging for food. The king of the forest was freed, but not before he destroyed the inside of the vehicle in his search.

In a video posted by the Pacer County Sheriff’s Office, the brown bear can be seen snuffling and growling through a gap in the steamed-up window of a parked car. The sheriff’s office said that the creature had managed to open the door of the unlocked vehicle, but couldn’t figure out how to leave.

With hibernation season approaching, the sheriff’s office warned locals not to leave food in their cars, and to lock their doors and secure their garbage in bear-proof containers, lest a bear with the munchies comes prowling.

Though deputies managed to safely free the imprisoned bear, the creature’s claws had torn the Toyota’s upholstery to shreds, gouged chunks out of the steering wheel, and completely removed the roof liner.

Officials in Placer County are well used to dealing with bears. Deputies were called in two weeks ago to free a 400-pound black bear named ‘T-shirt’ from a dumpster in Kings Beach, on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The bear was known to deputies from previous encounters, and was christened ‘T-shirt’ due to the patch of white fur on his chest.

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