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Fights & arrests as 1000+ antifa-like protesters swarm Ann Coulter event at UC Berkeley (VIDEOS)

Fights & arrests as 1000+ antifa-like protesters swarm Ann Coulter event at UC Berkeley (VIDEOS)
Over 1000 antifa-type protesters surrounded a building on the Berkeley campus where conservative provocateur Ann Coulter was speaking, blocking ticket-holders from entering. At least 6 were arrested after a fight broke out.

The mass of chanting and shouting protesters blocked dozens of students from entering the hall, forming a human chain across both entrances and verbally abusing anyone who tried to pass. Some of the abuse was reportedly physical as well, though the protest did not feature the outbreaks of mob violence that characterize some antifa appearances.

Six or seven protesters were arrested, according to a campus spokesman, one for slipping inside the hall and screaming at Coulter while she spoke. All but one were given a citation and sent home. The protester who was held had started a fight and “failed to follow instructions from officers,” according to University of California Police Department chief Margo Bennett. 

Eventually police parted the human sea, creating a gap for students and visitors who’d paid up to $75 to hear the controversial pundit speak, but many had already gone home discouraged. The protesters conned at least one woman out of her ticket by pretending to offer her a way out of the chaos.

When the speech had concluded, police formed a wall to allow attendees to leave safely. That didn’t stop protesters from continuing to scream from behind the cops, however.

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While Berkeley once had a reputation as a bastion of freedom of speech, protesters insist Coulter’s speech – or that of the other conservatives whose speeches antifa types have turned out to oppose – is dangerous to immigrants. Coulter has caused a scuffle at Berkeley before. A 2017 speaking engagement was cancelled by the organization hosting her, Young Americas Foundation, which said they couldn’t guarantee her safety. This time, it was Berkeley’s own College Republicans who paid for her appearance, selling tickets to make up the fee and raise money for their club. 

Not that anyone would call this calm.

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