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What do ’Christmas ornaments, drywall, & Epstein’ have in common? Senator demands answers on prison ‘suicide’

What do ’Christmas ornaments, drywall, & Epstein’ have in common? Senator demands answers on prison ‘suicide’
Americans aren’t buying the claim that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide alone in his jail cell under the watchful eye of the Bureau of Prisons, a Louisiana senator has warned the agency’s director with a rather unusual quip.

Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Jeffrey Epstein – name three things that don’t hang themselves,” Senator John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) declared during a Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, clarifying that he wasn’t the only one who saw a resemblance between the objects and the supposedly suicidal pedophile: “That’s what the American people think!

Kennedy urged Federal Bureau of Prisons Director Kathleen Sawyer to be honest with the nation about how Epstein met his end – and to pressure the FBI, Inspector General and other parties investigating Epstein’s death to do the same. “Tell the American people what happened.

Nor was Kennedy the only senator to question the official story regarding Epstein’s death. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) alluded to celebrity pathologist Michael Baden’s view that Epstein was strangled and marveled aloud at how Manhattan Correctional Center’s (MCC) cameras could go dark around Epstein’s cell just in time to miss his suicide.

Given that the security cameras malfunctioned that night, how can we be sure that he did kill himself?” Lee pressed. Sawyer admitted she was not allowed to see the cameras from Epstein’s cell and that she did not know when she would have access to the footage, but pledged MCC would have all new, functional cameras installed by next year.

Also on rt.com Prison guards who SLEPT through Jeffrey Epstein’s jailhouse suicide charged with conspiracy and falsifying records

Two MCC guards were arrested Tuesday morning and charged with conspiring to falsify jail records. According to their indictment, they hadn’t seen Epstein for eight hours before discovering him dead at breakfast time with a noose around his neck, having spent the night at their desks napping, surfing the internet and forging paperwork instead of making the rounds and checking on prisoners.

While Epstein potentially faced decades in jail for allegedly trafficking and sexually abusing a multitude of young girls, he was reportedly in cheery spirits up until his death, convinced he would beat the rap, according to his lawyers. The criminal case against him has been dropped, but several of his victims have filed lawsuits against his estate.

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