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‘Dictators? It’s OK’: Trump trolls critics, touting his ability to work with anybody if it benefits US

‘Dictators? It’s OK’: Trump trolls critics, touting his ability to work with anybody if it benefits US
World leaders flock to the US as it’s where all the action is, Donald Trump, said, adding that he is willing to negotiate with each and every one of them, even dictators, to help America prosper.

“When I meet with the leaders of countries as they come in: kings and queens; and prime ministers; and presidents… and dictators. I meet them all,” Trump said from the tribune of the prestigious Economic Club of New York, making the high-profile guests laugh.

“Anybody, who want to come in. Dictators? It’s OK. Come on in. Whatever is good for the US. We want to help our people,” he continued after a small pause.

Trump’s words were a clear jab at his critics, who have accused him of meeting with “dictators” over his talks with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

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All those world leaders are flying to America to meet up with him because “they want to be where the action is. This is where the action is. There’s nobody close. There’s no country close,” the president explained.

And when they arrive, “the first thing they’ll say will be almost always: ‘Congratulations on your economy,”’ he said.

Trump spent more than an hour on stage, praising the success of the US economy under his rule, including low unemployment, growing wages and high consumer confidence.

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