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21 Oct, 2019 15:35

Bot race! Mitt Romney admits he’s ‘Pierre Delecto,’ anon Twitter handle who ‘liked’ impeachment, never-Trumpers & Romney posts

Bot race! Mitt Romney admits he’s ‘Pierre Delecto,’ anon Twitter handle who ‘liked’ impeachment, never-Trumpers & Romney posts

Utah Senator Mitt Romney has come clean about running a secret anonymous Twitter handle – “Pierre Delecto” – which passive-aggressively dumped on Trump and other Republican rivals while puffing up Romney and his allies.

Mitt Romney is Pierre Delecto. Pierre Delecto is Mitt Romney. The ultra-wealthy Mormon senator, recently rumored to be testing the waters for yet another presidential run, admitted he was behind the nom de tweet on Sunday after telling an Atlantic reporter he had a secret account – “What do they call me, a lurker?” – created to monitor political conversation.

Pierre” mostly expressed himself through “likes” of other posts – he was a big fan of anything critical of Trump, especially the president’s Syria policy. He regularly “liked” Mitt Romney’s posts. When confronted with his alter ego – he had given enough clues for another reporter to track him down, apparently wanting to be caught – he responded “C’est moi,” and set @qaws9876 to private.

The account dates back to 2011. It followed a slew of never-Trump Republicans and Romney family members, but rarely tweeted… except occasionally in support of Romney.

Twitter had a field day with the revelation, likening the odd pseudonym to “Carlos Danger,” the name disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner used to send lewd photos to underage girls.

Fan accounts were made.

Several people suggested they would dress as Romney’s alter ego for Halloween. But what would that look like?

Romney claimed to be “open to the idea that the president may need to be removed from the Oval Office,” but has shied away from directly cheering on impeachment, at least under his real name.

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