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20 Oct, 2019 14:04

US Army to test ‘mystery materials’ owned by Blink-182 frontman’s UFO group at government facilities – report

US Army to test ‘mystery materials’ owned by Blink-182 frontman’s UFO group at government facilities – report

New information on the deal between To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA) and the US Army shows that the army wants to verify the UFO research group’s claims about unexplained alloys and “technology innovations.”

The eye-catching partnership between the group, owned by former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge, and the army made headlines in recent days as many wondered what form the collaboration would take.

The group has claimed to be in possession of a range of mysterious metal alloys that are said to be beyond current engineering technology. Now documents, relating to the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), released by the War Zone website, reportedly show that the army wants to attempt to verify TTSA’s claims.

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“To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science is a company with material and technology innovations that offer capability advancements for army ground vehicles,” the documents reportedly read.

“These technology innovations have been acquired, designed, and produced by the Collaborator [TTSA], leveraging advancements in metamaterials and quantum physics to push performance gains.”

The agreement goes on to say that the government wants to “assess, test, and characterize” the material at government facilities to compare them with known commodities and to understand what would be required to reproduce the advancements.

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“If the government can verify material solutions claims by the collaborator, then significant advancements can be made in the capabilities of army ground vehicle platforms in terms of security, force protection and weight reduction," it adds. 

The documents also reveal that the agreement will run out in September, 2023, but whether the general public will get to hear how it works out was not divulged.

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