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Fake is too mild, new word for media is corrupt, says Trump, lashing out at reports he wants moats with alligators on border

Fake is too mild, new word for media is corrupt, says Trump, lashing out at reports he wants moats with alligators on border
US President Donald Trump hit back at the “dishonest” and “corrupt media” over reports claiming he wanted an alligator-filled moat, electric fence, and other death traps for migrants built into the Mexican border wall.

I don’t even use fake [news] anymore – I call the fake news, now, corrupt news because fake isn’t tough enough,” Trump lectured reporters during an Oval Office press conference on Wednesday with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, slamming the “crazy” story that he had demanded all manner of medieval booby-traps for the wall being constructed along the southern US border.

According to the Washington Post, Trump was “screaming, ranting and raving” that for the border wall, “I wanted a moat, and in the moat I wanted alligators and snakes. And I wanted the wall to be a fence. And I wanted it to be electrified. And I wanted sharp spikes at the top so if anyone gets it, it goes piercing through their skin – is somewhat the way they said it. Skin piercing spikes!” Trump recited dramatically, adding parenthetically that “moat” is “not a word I use.

It was a total lie. It was corrupt reporting.

The president singled out the Post for a special shaming, noting “almost everything the Washington Post does is fake. It’s a fake newspaper. It’s owned by a rich guy for the purposes of giving him power in Washington.

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But the whole press corps got a dressing-down, as Trump suggested he would retire the term “fake news” in favor of “corrupt news, because …. much of the media in this country is corrupt. And it truly is the enemy of the people.

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