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17 Sep, 2019 03:15

‘The Times is DEAD!’ Trump demands resignation of all NYT writers involved in latest Kavanaugh smear

‘The Times is DEAD!’ Trump demands resignation of all NYT writers involved in latest Kavanaugh smear

US President Donald Trump slammed the New York Times for ‘destroying lives’ after the paper belatedly issued a correction admitting its claim of assault by Justice Brett Kavanaugh was totally unsubstantiated by the “victim.”

I call for the Resignation of everybody at The New York Times involved in the Kavanaugh SMEAR story, and while you’re at it, the Russian Witch Hunt Hoax, which is just as phony!” Trump tweeted on Monday in response to the Times’s correction to an article describing Kavanaugh’s alleged drunken misbehavior during his college years at Yale University, posted two days after the article itself.

The supposed victim of the incident had not only declined to be interviewed – her friends told the writers that she didn’t remember Kavanaugh drunkenly exposing himself to her at all. That information was included in the book the article was excerpted from, but the Times hadn’t seen fit to mention it in the article. They did, however, mention that the reporters had not gotten Kavanaugh’s side of the story, because they “could not agree on terms for an interview.”

The Times’ ‘oversight’ – the latest in a long stream of ‘mistakes’ that have, purely coincidentally of course, all smeared the president and his allies – clearly struck a nerve with Trump, who posted multiple tweets eviscerating the Times and ranted to reporters about the smear before leaving the White House to speak at a rally in New Mexico.

We used to have a thing called fact checking. They don’t do fact checking anymore. How can they do a thing like that and destroy someone’s life? They’re destroying lives, and it’s fake news!” Trump lamented. “What they do is wrong, and they do it all the time.

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DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE WILL DO OR SAY,” he text-screamed in another tweet, suggesting the justice should sue the outlet for “assaulting” Kavanaugh with “lies and Fake News.”

The New York Times should close its doors and throw away the keys.

The “new” allegations against Kavanaugh, published in the Times on Saturday, prompted a wave of Democrats to call for his impeachment before the correction was added two days later, including Democratic presidential candidates Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, and Kamala Harris. A number of left-leaning groups also demanded his impeachment in a statement on Sunday accusing him of perjury, including the Women’s March, the Center for Popular Democracy, and Demand Justice.

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