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‘Time to ban knives’? 4 killed, 2 injured in ‘random’ California stabbing spree (VIDEOS)

‘Time to ban knives’? 4 killed, 2 injured in ‘random’ California stabbing spree (VIDEOS)
At least four people have been stabbed to death and two others seriously injured after a 33yo man went on a robbing spree in Garden Grove, a city of 175,000 residents in Orange County, California.

The murderous chain of events started on Wednesday afternoon when the suspect attempted to rob a bakery on Chapman Avenue. The assailant then drove to an apartment complex nearby, where two more people were attacked and murdered. Later, more robberies were reported in the vicinity, leaving two people dead.

The 33-year-old suspect, whose name was not released, was finally arrested in the evening outside of a 7-Eleven convenience store with a knife and a handgun. He is being questioned by the authorities, as the motive of the attacks remains unclear. In total, law enforcement are investigating at least eight crime scenes in the area.

“These are all random acts of violence,” Garden Grove Lt. Carl Whitney told the journalists. “Our suspect was not associated with any of our victims.”

The incident comes in the wake of a series of deadly shootings which reignited a fierce gun control debate in the US. The stabbing spree, however, strengthened the argument of the pro-gun crowd, with dozens immediately noting that banning firearms, knives, vehicles and everything else remotely dangerous would not solve the underlying crime and violence problems.

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