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18 Jul, 2019 02:38

'SEND HER BACK': Trump crowds have new MAGA chant after 'racist tweet' row

'SEND HER BACK': Trump crowds have new MAGA chant after 'racist tweet' row

The crowd at Donald Trump’s campaign rally in North Carolina erupted in a raucous chant of ‘Send her back!’ after the US president fired a fresh broadside at Somali-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Trump took the opportunity of his Make America Great Again rally in Greenville, North Carolina on Wednesday to launch another attack at one of his favorite targets of the past week: Rep. Ilhan Omar of the four-woman progressive 'squad' he's been feuding with.

Trump accused Omar of blaming the US for causing terrorist attacks by “saying that terrorism is a reaction to our involvement in other people's affairs,” smearing the US servicemen involved in the Somalian civil war, “minimizing” the 9/11 attacks, and “pleading for compassion for ISIS recruits.”

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Concluding his tirade, Trump accused Omar of supporting Al-Qaeda, misquoting her remark from 2013. 

Accurate or not, Trump’s rant whipped up the crowd enough for it to break into chanting, “Send her back!” That comes just a day after the House passed a resolution condemning a series of “racist” tweets by Trump, in which he suggested the four congresswomen should go back to the “broken and crime infested places from which they came.” Omar is the only one of the 'squad' to whom the call technically applies, since the other three women were born in the US.

The new war cry is a remix of the permanent fixture of almost every Trump rally – the infamous “Lock her up” slogan, targeting Hillary Clinton and her private server email scandal. Some on Twitter have rushed to declare this the turning point of an era.

Predictably, the chant has sparked fresh accusations of racism towards the president – and even some conservatives thought it in poor taste.

It did not take long for Omar to respond, shooting back with a quote by American poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.

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