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4 Jul, 2019 23:30

Fox host calls US generals ‘snowflakes’ for complaining about July 4th parade getting political

Fox News host Lou Dobbs angered Twitter with a snarky remark about US military brass, who he called “snowflake generals” after some decided not to show up at the 4th of July military parade amid politicization concerns.
Fox host calls US generals ‘snowflakes’ for complaining about July 4th parade getting political

Dobbs took a swipe at the generals on Twitter as he commented on reports alleging that, contrary to US President Donald Trump’s claim, senior Army and Navy officials are less than “thrilled” about appearing alongside the commander-in-chief at the grandiose military show-off central to this year's 4th of July festivities.

“No wonder these Snowflake Generals haven't won a war since 1991,” Dobbs wrote, provoking a massive backlash online.

CNN reported on Thursday, citing a military insider, that the top military officials were asked to appear alongside Trump, but grew uneasy about it amid concerns the parade may turn into a giant Make America Great Again rally, which would put them in potential violation of the Pentagon's political neutrality rules.

The July 4th celebration, touted by Trump as a ‘salute to America’, has seen tanks and warplanes parade through Washington, as well as protests by opponents of the costly (the White House has refused to say exactly how costly) military extravaganza, which has drawn scathing criticism from the anti-Trump crowd.

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Dobbs’ remarks may not sit well with many of Twitter’s own ‘snowflakes’, but he is not wrong about at least one thing: despite its numerous military adventures, victories have been few and far between for the US, with its latest involvements, like Iraq and Afghanistan, turning into drawn-out fiascos costing hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives – mostly those of local civilians.

Still, he faced a torrent of criticism online, with many pointing out that Dobbs did not served in the military.

Trump himself was exempted from serving in Vietnam due to a medical condition, namely bone spurs in his heels, but his opponents have been skeptical of the validity of that diagnosis.    

The Pentagon earlier announced that the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps chiefs won’t be in attendance for the military parade, but would sent substitutes.

Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford and acting Defense Secretary Mark Esper are expected to show up.

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