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30 Jun, 2019 02:20

Police forced to intervene as Antifa & right-wing rallies clash in Portland (VIDEOS)

Police forced to intervene as Antifa & right-wing rallies clash in Portland (VIDEOS)

Violence has gripped downtown Portland, Oregon after police tried to separate a group of Antifa activists in clashes with their right-wing opponents during simultaneous rival marches.

Supporters of the Rose City Antifa movement and the Democratic Socialists of America gathered at Lownsdale Square at around noon to protest against right-wing rallies organized across the city by Proud Boys, a fraternal organization, and the 'HimToo Movement' against false rape allegations.

An hour later, the counter-protesters began marching towards Pioneer Courthouse Square, as police stood still, warning both camps to observe order. Authorities noted that the city did not issue permits for either of the rallies.

When eggs and “quick-drying cement” milkshakes were pelted at their opponents by Antifa, officers finally rushed to respond to “violent assaults” and isolated fights between the camps.

Journalist Andy Ngo was attacked while covering the disorder. Footage of the assault shows a group of masked activists punch and pelt the editor of conservative Quillette with milkshakes.

As sporadic violence and insults continued, police declared the rival demonstrations a “civil disturbance and unlawful assembly,” and warned people of imminent arrests unless they left the vicinity of Pioneer Courthouse Square. By about 4:30pm, the crowd had cleared the area after police made three arrests. At least eight people, including three police officers, were injured in Saturday's clashes.

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