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21 Jun, 2019 03:44

11-hour live reading of Mueller report in DC keeps the dream alive for collusion cultists

11-hour live reading of Mueller report in DC keeps the dream alive for collusion cultists

A Washington DC theatre is bringing the Mueller report to life for the #Resistance faithful, inviting hundreds of D-list politicians and actors to read the entire second volume over a marathon 11-hour session.

Many people have only heard the report in bits and pieces — this gives them the opportunity to read aloud without comment, listen and make up their own minds,” Molly Smith, artistic director of Arena Stage, said in a press release. The reading billed as "a democratic act”  and "nonpartisan" will take place on July 11.

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Acknowledging the report is “quite dense and heavy at times,” event organizer Jjana Valentiner seems optimistic that its “real clarity” will shine through when read aloud. As many as 200 people, including local lawmakers and officials will read parts of the hefty tome. Members of the public can also sign up to read parts of the report, though collusion enthusiasts are out of luck - volume II primarily focuses on material related to possible obstruction of justice.

It’s really just about our responsibility as American citizens to read this thing that we paid for,” said Jackson Gay, who directed the 24-hour marathon reading of the report held in Queens, New York earlier this month which the Arena’s production is modeled after.

More than 700 people reportedly attended the New York production, while over 50,000 people streamed the event. Unlike that show - which cost $10 - the DC reading is free, which is more than can be said for the publishers who seized on the report as a moneymaking opportunity after its release.

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While it’s available free on the internet, the Washington Post is selling paperback copies of the 448-page special counsel report for $9.00 on Amazon, accompanied by two reporters’ analyses. Another version published by Skyhorse features an introduction by lawyer Alan Dershowitz for just $7.79, while Melville House has a version for just $7.40 whose cover weirdly boasts “New York Times bestseller.” There’s an independently-published large-print edition, a three-volume edition, and even a hardcover edition featuring a red-white-and-blue eagle on the cover - a bargain at $28.95!

The Mueller play is perhaps wise not to overstay its welcome - “Hillary and Clinton,” a Broadway play based on the former president and the woman who desperately wanted to be president, closed earlier this month in New York due to low ticket sales. 

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