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17 Jun, 2019 08:02

Trump kicks guy out for interrupting his rant on ‘FANTASTIC’ financial statement with cough (VIDEO)

Trump kicks guy out for interrupting his rant on ‘FANTASTIC’ financial statement with cough (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s explanation of how “fantastic” his elusive tax record is and how lawyers won’t let him release it was interrupted by a man coughing. The irritated president told the offender to leave the Oval Office.

The amusing exchange was shot by ABC as its host George Stephanopoulos was doing an interview with President Trump in the White House on Sunday. The president was elaborating about his “fantastic financial statement” that one day “might” be made public, when somebody coughed behind the camera.

Trump stopped and suggested that he redo his answer. “He’s coughing in the middle of my sentence. I don’t like that, you know?

“If you’re gonna cough, please, leave the room. You just can’t, you just can’t cough,” he added, shaking his head in apparent disapproval.

The culprit appeared to be Trump’s chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, judging by the reaction of Stephanopoulos. This could not be confirmed from the footage, however.

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The interview for ABC’s ‘This Week’ program was conducted in the Oval Office and the Rose Garden. It touched on a range of issues, from Trump’s re-election campaign and the Robert Mueller report, to his yet-to-be-released tax returns. On the latter, Trump said he wanted the public to see his ‘phenomenal’ financial statement because it shows how well he did his job.

However, taking a decision to make the records public is “up to lawyers, it’s up to everything else” except him, Trump added, before lashing out at Democrats for seeking his tax returns. The president said his opponents were trying to undermine his campaign with demands for financial transparency.

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