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Controversial new US abortion laws akin to ‘torture’ – UN Commissioner

Controversial new US abortion laws akin to ‘torture’ – UN Commissioner
Recently passed abortion legislation in several US states equates to violence against women, according to UN human rights commissioner Kate Gilmore, who also called out what she termed the “extremist hate” behind the measures.

It’s clear it’s torture – it’s a deprivation of a right to health,” Gilmore claimed in hard-hitting comments to the Guardian newspaper on the topic of the recent changes.

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The new restrictive changes on abortion law were made in at least nine states last month, including Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio, inciting an intense public debate over the issue. Large-scale protests took place throughout the US in opposition to the bans, drawing out thousands of participants in some cities.

In Georgia, the practice was banned after a fetal heartbeat could be heard around six weeks into pregnancy, while Alabama’s ban can only be overruled if the woman’s life is directly threatened by giving birth.

Gilmore argued that any absolute prohibition of abortion violates UN human rights expectations and constitutes “gender hate” and “violence against women, no question.

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Gilmore participated in an event on reproductive rights at the end of May, where she railed against the predominantly conservative Christian organizations that funded and backed the initiatives, accusing them of leading an “assault on truth, science and universal values.”

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