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22 May, 2019 05:15

Frustrated Democrats plan ‘emergency’ impeachment meeting after McGahn subpoena snub

Frustrated Democrats plan ‘emergency’ impeachment meeting after McGahn subpoena snub

US House Democrats are holding an emergency meeting to discuss the pressure to move forward with the impeachment of President Donald Trump – even though the special counsel and other investigations have failed to produce a crime.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been pressured into holding a closed-door emergency meeting by members of the House Democratic Caucus enraged by the president's refusal to cooperate in their never-ending series of probes and investigations, according to ABC. At the same time, Pelosi has refused to acknowledge her loss of control over her party. When asked whether the Democrats were shifting toward impeachment, she answered "no," boasting "we don't have division."

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While Pelosi, caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-New York), and other members of the party leadership remain opposed to impeachment, the rank and file are beginning to mutiny, with at least 28 Democrats confirming they want to move forward with an impeachment inquiry or adopt articles of impeachment, according to the Hill. 

The call intensified on Tuesday after White House counsel Don McGahn failed to show up to testify before the Judiciary Committee regarding Trump's alleged obstruction of justice during the special counsel investigation. The committee is determined to make Trump pay for obstructing their efforts to prove obstruction, pointing to the president's instruction to McGahn to ignore the subpoena as yet another impeachable offense and evidence that he has something to hide.

The Democrats' attempts to summon Trump aides for grilling after the Mueller report failed to turn up the promised evidence of collusion with Russia have thus far been largely unsuccessful, and the president has publicly put his foot down after his cooperation with the two-year investigation left his adversaries unsatisfied, challenging subpoenas and requests to turn over financial documents. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders accused Democrats of seeking a "wasteful and unnecessary do-over" of the probe.

Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) put forward a resolution on Tuesday tasking the Judiciary Committee with assessing whether the House should impeach. Meanwhile, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) made waves on Saturday when he became the first Republican to climb on board the impeachment express after reading the Mueller report, claiming Trump's conduct met the "threshold for impeachment" and pointing out that unlike a typical legal proceeding, impeachment doesn't require "probable cause" – only "a finding that an official has engaged in careless, abusive, corrupt or otherwise dishonorable conduct."

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