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3 May, 2019 20:24

‘Nothing to do with hate speech’: Gavin McIness slams ‘un-American’ Facebook censorship

‘Nothing to do with hate speech’: Gavin McIness slams ‘un-American’ Facebook censorship

Facebook’s recent crackdown on right-wing figures is “un-American,” and “has nothing to do with hate speech,” Vice Media co-founder and Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes told RT.

The social media giant purged a raft of accounts from its own platform and from Instagram on Thursday, calling them “extremists” and “dangerous.” For three of the accounts, InfoWars’ Alex Jones, gay conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and activist Laura Loomer, their association with McInnes was used as evidence for the ban.

“They make you into a supervillain and you go ‘wait, that’s not me!’ and they cut you off...because they can’t win,” McInnes told RT. “Anyone with a dissenting opinion from the mainstream media has to be silenced.”

Also on rt.com Trump Jr hits out at Facebook ‘censorship campaign’ over Alex Jones ban

Facebook’s purge did not affect some of the most prominent fake news merchants: The mainstream media, he said. “The mainstream media has pushed the Brett Kavanaugh serial rapist lie, they’ve pushed the Covington High School kids, the Russia conspiracy thing...the mainstream media has done way more fake news than us, but we are being censored,” McInnes added.

Check out the full interview on RT America.

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