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1 May, 2019 18:35

Troll Twitter account baits Trump into retweet then changes name to ‘F**k Donald Trump’

Troll Twitter account baits Trump into retweet then changes name to ‘F**k Donald Trump’

Donald Trump’s notoriously twitchy Twitter-finger ended up poking fun at himself, when retweets he made included that of a troll account that then renamed itself to “F*ck Donald Trump” for all the president’s followers to see.

After one the largest firefighters’ unions incited Trump’s rage by coming out in favor of his potential 2020 election opponent Joe Biden, the president responded by retweeting around 60 messages of support from those who, he presumed, disagreed with their decision.

One of those tweets came from user @gIamourizes, who claimed to be the wife of a supportive New York firefighter, but in actuality had another message for the president.

At the same time the ‘supportive’ message was suddenly turned into quite the opposite, the user added insult to injury by changing their profile picture to a plug for Democratic party presidential contender Bernie Sanders.


After catching on, Trump deleted the retweet, but not before the foul-mouthed troll garnered some 10,000 likes and numerous comments.

A subsequent Tweet on the account says that it is run by a “committed idiot” who has been responding to Trump for two years waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Given that Trump has previously mistakenly tweeted at a woman in Brighton named Ivanka instead of his daughter, and at a teenage girl from California instead of Fox News reporter Gillian Turner, it is perhaps not surprising he ended up falling into the patient prankster's trap.

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