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2 Apr, 2019 13:54

Marco Rubio inflames Twitter by mixing Bible verses with regime change calls

Marco Rubio inflames Twitter by mixing Bible verses with regime change calls

Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s social media output is a real mixed bag. In between odes to regime change in Venezuela and paeans to border security, Rubio dropped in some words from the good book, to mixed reaction.

“Though nations rage and kingdoms totter, HE utters his voice and the earth melts. The LORD of hosts is with us; our stronghold is the God of Jacob,” the Republican Senator tweeted, citing Psalm 46.

Amidst the “amen”s, some commenters insisted that Rubio concern himself less with Biblical affairs, and more with the various problems facing Florida.

Although Rubio seemingly finds refuge in God when “nations rage and kingdoms totter,” the Florida Senator seems determined to use his own rage to totter Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from power, even if it means roping Russia into a cataclysmic conflict too.

“Megalomaniac @marcorubio is directly threatening war with nuclear-armed Russia over its military alliance with Venezuela which has existed since 2001,” Tweeted journalist Dan Cohen. “It's impossible to overstate how dangerous this is. Rubio should be reprimanded for abuse of power.”

Hours before leading Twitter in Bible study, Rubio had warned that the arrival of Russian troops in Venezuela – a show of support authorized by a 2001 treaty between the allied nations – “can lead to miscalculation, escalation & even war.”

While war between the US and Russia would be on a Biblical scale, stoking and encouraging it doesn’t seem to be a very Christian thing to do.

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