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20 Feb, 2019 21:39

Ex CBS reporter Lara Logan draws ire for calling liberal media ‘propagandists’

Ex CBS reporter Lara Logan draws ire for calling liberal media ‘propagandists’

No stranger to controversies, former CBS reporter Lara Logan has drawn the ire of mainstream journalists for saying that the “mostly liberal” media have become more like “political activists” and “propagandists.”

Speaking to Mike Ritland of the conservative Mike Drop podcast, Logan said coverage of US President Donald Trump was negative “all the time” and a “distortion” of real life. In particular, she said that stories using a single, anonymous government source –a phenomenon that is becoming more common in US reporting– was “horsesh*t” and “not journalism.”

Logan, who left CBS news in 2018, said that, while the media had always been left-leaning, now it had abandoned any "pretense" to be objective and said she was probably committing “professional suicide” by airing her views on the subject. She suggested people "seek out" sites like the conservative Breitbart to understand the "other side" of events in the US.

Unsurprisingly, mainstream journalists didn’t take kindly to Logan’s assessment of the media landscape and were quick to remind everyone of her own professional failures – in particular a controversial report about the 2012 attack on the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, which forced her to take a leave of absence from CBS in 2013.

Others rushed to make sure everyone knew that Logan was no longer actually with CBS, as some conservatives’ reports had suggested.

Others made fun of her appearance and said that Logan might be angling for a job on Fox News.

Some weren’t as angered by the reporter’s audacity, however, saying she was right to advise people to consider where they were getting their information from.

Conservatives celebrated Logan for the podcast, with some arguing that the Benghazi report which claimed the Obama administration did not act quickly enough during the attack was the “truth” but sparked her downfall at CBS anyway.

Logan was also the subject of controversy in 2014 after she travelled to Liberia to shoot a story on the Ebola epidemic, but did not interview even one Liberian and instead spoke only to American experts.

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