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14 Jan, 2019 15:04

Trump savages ‘Elizabeth Warren beer catastrophe,’ as shutdown debate drags on

Trump savages ‘Elizabeth Warren beer catastrophe,’ as shutdown debate drags on

Against the backdrop of a government shutdown and withdrawal from Syria, President Trump still found time to engage in his favorite, least presidential hobby: insulting political rival and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Responding to an Instagram Live video posted by Warren two weeks ago, Trump suggested that the video would have been a “smash” if Warren “did this commercial from Bighorn or Wounded Knee instead of her kitchen, with her husband dressed in full Indian garb.”

The video, which featured a stiff-limbed Warren drinking a beer in her kitchen, seemingly attempted to ape the popularity of similar ‘slice of life’ videos from Democratic hotshots like Beto O’Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. However, just like her earlier attempt to prove her Native American heritage, the plan backfired and Warren was mocked for trying to appear like ‘one of us.’

Trump piled on the insults. “Best line in the Elizabeth Warren beer catastrophe is, to her husband, ‘Thank you for being here. I’m glad you’re here’ It’s their house, he’s supposed to be there!” Trump jibed.

The reaction to Trump’s tweets, as usual, depended on whatever side of the culture war you asked. Trump’s reference to Wounded Knee – where the US 7th Cavalry slaughtered between 150 and 300 Indians on a South Dakota reservation in 1890 – was called “racist and gross” by the anti-Trump crowd.

Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters joined in the mockery.

Warren has often spoken of her family’s supposed Indian heritage, and Trump has often ridiculed her claims, dubbing the New England Democrat “Pocahontas.” Warren publicly revealed the results of a DNA test in October, which proved she was around 1/1,024th Native American. Rather than silencing the critics, the test resulted in further ridicule from Trump and even condemnation from the Cherokee Nation, among others.

Trump’s latest barbs represent a break from his recent stream of Twitter content, which has focused on his withdrawal of troops from Syria, drumming up support for a wall along the Mexican border, and castigating congressional Democrats for refusing to fund such an endeavor. They also come after Warren rang in the New Year by announcing she had set up an “exploratory committee” to consider a run for the presidency in 2020.

Warren has been touted as a potential 2020 candidate since 2016, and polled fifth in the crowded field of Democratic hopefuls recently. Trump, however, has laughed off the idea of a challenge from Warren next year.

“Do you really think she believes she can win?” Fox News’ Pete Hegseth asked Trump in an interview on New Year’s Eve. “Well, that I don’t know,” Trump replied. “You’d have to ask her psychiatrist.”

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