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7 Jan, 2019 15:18

'You're welcome': Christian Bale thanks Satan for inspiration and...gets feedback

'You're welcome': Christian Bale thanks Satan for inspiration and...gets feedback

American actor Christian Bale took the opportunity to take a swing at the former vice president, thanking Satan for inspiring him to play the "charisma-free" Dick Cheney.

While taking the stage for his acceptance speech at the 76th annual Golden Globe awards, Bale quipped that his wife had reminded him that “less is more,” which didn’t stop the Welsh actor from making a few political jabs.

Bale joked that he was a shoo-in for the role of the “charisma-free” politician who was “reviled by everyone.” He took on the role for the film “Vice,” which covers the wealthy Washington insider’s rise to power, focusing on his career in the Bush administration.

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The actor added jokingly that he was cornering the market on “charisma-free assholes,” and could perhaps take on the role of Mitch McConnell next.

Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role,” he continued, prompting laughter and shocked expressions in the audience.

The Satan Twitter handle and the Church of Satan’s official Twitter account both gave some respect for the shout-out:

Cheney’s daughter Liz was understandably less than impressed by Bale’s words, hitting back by invoking a decade-old assault charge filed by his mother and sister.

The incident of alleged verbal abuse occurred in 2008 but the charges were eventually dropped by police due to insufficient evidence.

Liz Cheney, who has her own political aspirations, was also portrayed negatively in the film. In one of the final scenes, she seeks permission from her father to turn her back on her lesbian sister by denouncing gay marriage. Her parents released a statement in 2013 supporting her decision, and stating their continued belief in the traditional family.

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