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15 Dec, 2018 22:03

Just Messing: Twitter outrage at Bernie Sanders being cast as a JUDAS to Hillary ‘Jesus’ Clinton

Just Messing: Twitter outrage at Bernie Sanders being cast as a JUDAS to Hillary ‘Jesus’ Clinton

Actor Debra Messing has been slammed over reposting a tweet which boldly refers to Hillary Clinton as being a “modern-day Jesus” who was “betrayed and crucified” by Judas – also known as Bernie Sanders.

“Today @DebraMessing decided to share a tweet to her half-million followers accusing Bernie of being ‘Judas’ who ‘betrayed’ & ‘crucified’ the ‘modern-day Jesus’ (Hillary),” journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted.

It came after Messing shared this tweet on her feed, which was originally written in April 2017 by the Twitter handle @MadamClinton.

Greenwald went on to call Messing's action “as ugly, bigoted, and toxic as anything anyone got fired for doing this year.”

He then sarcastically noted another “parallel” between Jesus and Hillary Clinton.

“A lot of people don’t know that Jesus charged massive speaking fees to speak to money-changers before wrecking their tables in the temple and then casting them out,” he said.

Clinton has been cast in the spotlight numerous times over the years for excessive fees collected for turning up at events and saying a few words. Some of her speeches after leaving the post of secretary of state paid $200,000 a pop. All in all, she's made many millions on the speaking circuit.

Meanwhile, Greenwald wasn’t the only one who was angered by Messing’s retweet. One person questioned whether the tweet was satire.

Another, well, they brought their grandpa’s farm into it.

And then there was this pun.

One person concluded that Messing simply can’t be considered “normal.”

Others pointed out that Sanders would be the more likely candidate to be compared to Jesus.

Messing has become a routine armchair activist when it comes to praising Clinton and slamming Trump, speaking out when Texas cut her name from a student curriculum and celebrating when a planned speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulous was canceled at Berkeley – despite the university being the birthplace of free speech.

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